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DIY Kitchen Canisters

DIY Kitchen Canisters
About a year ago, I saw these wide-mouthed glass canisters at Pier 1.

I really, really liked them, but I wasn't crazy about the jagged edges on the chalkboard bands.
Picky, picky, I know.
And I wasn't really in the mood to spend money on canisters that day anyways.
So I filed them away in the back of my mind.

We've had these copper canisters in our kitchen since we received them a wedding present 7 years ago.

I loved them for quite a few years.
But as the years wore on and the canisters saw a lot of use, they got to look pretty gnarly.
They became tarnished, stained and showed every single fingerprint.
In other words, they looked pretty beat up.

So finally I caved in and decided to replace them.
I remembered the ones I had seen at Pier 1 way back when.
But I wanted to create my own version so that they were just my style.

I picked up three of these wide-mouthed glass canisters as Fred Meyer (Target and Walmart also carry them).
I chose to buy two big ones and one medium sized one.
Then using my chalkboard contact paper (bought on ebay),
I cut out 3 rectangles (with smooth edges!) and stuck them onto my new canisters.

I do a lot of baking and wanted big canisters to hold my sugar and flour.
I love that I can now see into the canisters and know when I am running low before its too late (I used to always run out of flour or sugar in the middle of making goodies! Arrrgghh - so frustrating!)

The small canister holds oatmeal, which I make the kids every morning for breakfast. So having it out and accessible makes things a little easier in the morning.

They look MUCH better than my old dirty looking copper ones.

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